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Guns N' Roses Artist Lounge

Like millions of devotee of Guns N’ Roses, have fourteen year ( 14 year!) I await new album [of] them, what it is said will entitle [by] Chinese Democracy. I is nonchalant [of] that album will be called [by] what, I am only hoping that album immediately reside in shop rack.
And like most devotee of Guns N’ Roses, I enthusiastic to always greet their leaky songs [in] internet. Some representing taken away from [by] record [is] show. Some again represent demonstration version, in pieces. But not yet this old circulate nine new song [of] them [in] internet, what it is said represent studio master version. Meagrely guerrilla [in] internet, I obtain;get that songs and I have to confess, some that songs version have I have ever heard previously. But emang there are some song which have much more clean and [is] complete the than demonstration version, and also unknown one song [of] its title.
With previous songs leak, practical [is] I have have heard 11 new song [of] them. There'S nothing sure [which/such] songs to step into Chinese Democracy. clear, I enjoy most songs. (It) is true no more touch of rhythm of Izzy Stradlin’. Enggak there [is] guitar melody which slicing [is] as always brought [by] Slash. Also nope there [is] touch of Seattle music of bass of Duff Mckagan. Also nothing;there is no drum gebugan of Steven Addler and also of Matt Sorum ( I prefer to Steven which [is] sound-nya a few/little nge-dance as [in] album of Appetite, than Matt which [is] hardrock, reminding me [at] blow of Phil Collins [in] Genesis, [in] Use Your Illusions). Existing only Axl Rose and new friend [of] him.
This eleven song I which have hear.

Better, it is said most items taken a fancy to Axl for this album. [Is] opened with rather harsh guitar intro, I allured especially with [his/its] drum trek. Likely this newly GNR utilize drum blow like this. If me compare, about residing in [among/between] Appetite and of Use Your Illusions. Song both, The Blues, representing experiment of blues besotted. this Song base seems (it) is true blues, but diaransemen in the form of typical [of] GNR ( quickened beat, piano accompaniment [in] background, mixed with guitar distortion). I ignore who play piano, Axl alone or Dizzy Reed.
Song of Chinese Democracy early with whispers intro, and also music which [is] lamat-lamat, last sudden emerge guitar agitation. Return we find drum beat like have started to be recognized [by] [in] song " Better". If The World represent new song [of] me hear. I ask around, do this song intro utilize sitar? GNR have utilized sitar [in] one of [the] song of Use Your Illusions. IRS represent song I which have hear since some last month. Madagascar represent cleaner song version of demonstration version which I have ever heard. Axl seems return with epic song, similar which we have hear [in] song " Estranged" ( Use Your Illusions II).

And Bedouins Rhyad, opened with guitar agitation reminding me to songs number [in] first album [of] them. Was Time a There also represent version which have is cleaner, opened with choir intro which [is] enggak [in] demonstration version. Besides is eight [of] song disseminating [in] internet not yet this old, including also a song of slow which [is] what soybean cake [of] title not yet its. They are only mentioning its title [of] New Song.
Out of it I have heard two other song: In Rye the Catcher, of a kind other epic which seems [is] also created [by] Axl alone. One new song [of] me hear recently, Strip Bar, seems have leaked llama and [do] not there are [in] 9 latter secretory song. Many people estimating this old song, because sound-nya (it) is true remind to their songs [in] GNR Lies. Moreover seems this still demonstration version. Even its music [of] cleanness, but see not yet been basted.

In general, this song itemss (it) is true differ from previous album items. I even feel, their music much more variatif again than they which have present [in] Use Your Illusions ( tired three song puluh!). More than that, with personel mostly newly, Axl seems (it) is true try to obtain;get best of composition of personel new.
Last, yes, I have to confess, entire/all that songs [is] I hear by ilegal. Nonetheless, I can guarantee, if that album [of] exit, I surely will [release] money to buying [him/ it], as me have their five album. As me always buy again their album each time one of [the] album lose slipped between don't know where. As last year I buy album of Greatest their Hits, though nothing;there is no one even also new items in it!.Download here.........

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